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How to Avoid Mistakes When Arranging Car and Driver Hire

Whether you are planning an event, want to arrive at an important meeting in style or you are looking for reliable airport transfers, hiring a luxury chauffeur service is the perfect choice – it’s a safe, clean, and convenient way to get where you need to go in comfort and style. At Diplomat Hire Cars, we are Melbourne’s first choice for professional car and driver hire. If you’ve never considered utilising a chauffeur service, here’s a few pointers to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when booking a car with driver.

Don’t Just Look at Price

It’s natural to want a good deal, however, it’s important to keep in mind that the cheapest service isn’t usually the best service. If you receive a deal that seems to good to be true, it probably is. Many inferior chauffeur companies will undercut their competitors and often by a significant amount. If they are undercutting by large sums, it’s likely that they cut corners elsewhere too. This could mean unreliable service, a lack of cleanliness, unsafe vehicles or drivers who aren’t adequately trained.

Make Sure You Read Reviews

Taking the time to read customer feedback will help to ensure you choose a reputable and reliable chauffeur company. A company which has an abundance of positive reviews is more likely to provide a higher level of service. It’s also important to read what people have said in addition to the star rating, as this will help to ensure their service aligns with your individual needs.

Book the Right Vehicle for Your Needs

If you’re booking a car with driver service, it’s likely you have specific requirements from the vehicle. Make sure the car you hire suits those requirements. You don’t want to end up with a car that doesn’t have enough seats, a car that’s too bulky, one that’s way out your budget or one that doesn’t suit the image you want to portray. When booking, ensure you pay attention to the details so that you receive the right vehicle that suits your requirements and expectations.

Don’t Book at the Last Minute

Booking a driver in advance ensures you will not only have a car with driver to pick you up when you need it, but also that you have the right car. A last-minute scramble may result in you not being able to make a booking or having to book with an unreliable or inferior chauffeur company. Many companies will do their best to accommodate a last-minute booking, but if your pick-up or drop-off is during a peak time it may not be possible. For a seamless, stress-free experience, you should do your best to book ahead of time.

Ensure You Provide Accurate Information

When you arrange for a car and driver to pick you up, make sure that you know the exact location details. While this can be difficult if you are not in your local city, it’s crucial information that your driver needs to ensure they arrive in a timely manner. Chauffeurs are experienced in picking up clients from hotels, homes, offices, airport terminals, and tourist destinations. If you aren’t sure of a good pick-up location, let your chauffeur company know where you will be, and they may advise you the best location to be picked up.

A chauffeur car for business or personal needs can be a great way to ensure a comfortable and convenient trip. However, you should consider the above tips to ensure that you get it right and that you enjoy a smooth and pleasant experience.

Arrange Car with Driver Hire for your Next Trip or Important Event

If you need a ride to the airport, or you want to arrive at a corporate event in style, don’t put your trust in unreliable taxis and unclean rideshare services – a professional chauffeur will put your needs first and ensure you arrive on time, every time. Book a car and driver with Diplomat Hire Cars online now or call us today on 0427 153 535.