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What Are the 5 Main Benefits of Using Chauffeur Hire Cars?

Whether you need to attend an important event, meeting or get to the airport in a timely manner, there’s many transportation options in and around Melbourne. From rideshare services and airport shuttles to taxis, trains and trams – all of these services are readily available but will they provide the necessary convenience, cleanliness and comfort you need? Diplomat chauffeur cars are the ideal alternative to other transportation services. Reliable, clean and surprisingly cost-effective, here are just some of the advantages of choosing chauffeur hire cars for your next journey.

Reliable, Punctual Service

There’s nothing more stressful that waiting around wondering if your ride is ever going to arrive. Taxis have a reputation for failing to show up, while rideshare services are notorious for having unclean cars and can cancel at the last minute. Knowing that you will picked up on time ensures a smooth and seamless journey to wherever you need to go. A professional chauffeur will always arrive on time so that guests can relax and arrive at their destination calm and ready for their meeting, presentation, flight or event.

Impeccably Presented Vehicles

Cleanliness has never been more important. Chauffeur hire cars go the extra mile to ensure vehicles are exceptionally clean, inside and out. They also ensure all COVID protocols are met, with frequent disinfecting of all surfaces and sanitiser on board. Whether you need to get to an event or the airport, you can have the peace of mind that you will ride a vehicle that has been cleaned to the highest standard, with your overall health and wellbeing a top priority.


Chauffeur hire cars are routinely serviced and maintained to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. However, safety doesn’t stop at the vehicle. All chauffeurs are professionally trained and highly experienced drivers who understand the importance of driving safely in different road and weather conditions. Chauffeur drivers will never speed or drive dangerously and are experienced in navigating Melbourne’s city streets and laneways.

Friendly and Discreet Service

Professional chauffeur drivers are always respectful, courteous and welcoming. They always help you with loading and unloading of luggage in to the car and always get the door for you. When you choose a chauffeur driven car for airport transfers, your driver will meet and greet you upon arrival with a name sign and assist with taking your luggage to the car. No more waiting around in long taxi queues or finding your way around the airport. Whether you are travelling to or from the airport or simply around town, you can be sure that any phone calls you make in the car or any conversations between guests are guaranteed to be confidential. Unlike a taxi or rideshare service, your privacy is of utmost importance to chauffeur drivers.

Fixed Rates

Taxi and Uber rates often vary according to the time of the day or traffic on the road. This means that a trip that cost you a certain amount one day may cost double or three times the amount at a different time. When you book chauffeur hire cars, the rate is fixed so there are no surprises at the end of your journey. You can book and pay conveniently online and you can also be sure that the rate is highly competitive for the high quality service that you receive.

For Premium Chauffeur Cars, Melbourne Relies on Diplomat

Striving to provide Melbourne’s best chauffeur cars at very competitive rates, our team is here to help with your transportation needs around the city. From airport transfers to weddings, corporate transportation or even private tours, you can be sure that you will travel in comfort and style and importantly arrive at your destination relaxed and on time. Find out more online or get in touch with us by calling 0427 153 535.