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For business travel particularly, travel can be a bit of a mixed bag. Taxi’s that don’t turn up on time, Uber’s that don’t know where they’re going, the unreliability of the public transport system in Melbourne and managing the payments for this wide variety of transport options make it a bit of a minefield for businesses.


At Diplomat Hire Car’s we are seeing a rise in businesses wanting to utilise our services on an ongoing basis as their preferred travel option, no matter whether it’s within the CBD or between satellite centres like Geelong or Chadstone. Here’s why using a corporate chauffeur is a great decision for your business.



As mentioned above, there are a host of issues with other car travel providers in Melbourne. We know that Uber drivers are nothing more than regular people with a newish car, and that taxi drivers often aren’t much better. The last thing you want to have to worry about before a big client meeting is whether or not your driver is going to get lost, whether or not you’re going to come out of the car surrounded by a funny smell or stressed out because of the behaviour of the driver. Our drivers are trained in transport around Melbourne, Geelong and other areas of Victoria and know these areas like the back of their hands. They know the best way to get from one place to another that is both efficient and cost effective for you. All of our vehicles are detailed and cleaned before they arrive with you so that you can conduct your business travel in true comfort and style.


Consistency of service

This is particularly important if you’re transporting high-levelvel executives or international guests. Taxis have a huge variety of drivers on the road, and while one trip might be fine, another could be a complete disaster. At Diplomat Hire Cars, we do our very best to ensure that our corporate clients are delivered with the same driver each time to maintain a consistent level of service. Every time you travel in a Diplomat Hire Car, you know that our driver is trained in our 5 Star Service to ensure that a high standard is always met and maintained for each trip. It is this process that makes us the preferred choice for a number of large multi-national groups and ensures that whenever they have to book travel they do it with us.


Consistent pricing + ease of budgeting

By utilising the same company for travel, you know that you are going to be charged the same price for the same trip each time. This is key when it comes to budgeting for travel each year or working out the cost of an event like a corporate conference or even transport to The Melbourne Cup for your team. If you know that your organisation requires a number of trips per year at an average cost, you can work out exactly what your transport is going to be for the year, which ensures that you don’t blow the budget on something as low-level as driving from point A to point B.


Ease of accounting

We know we are right down in the details now, but anyone who has worked in an administrative role knows that setting up accounts and getting suppliers on board can be a difficult process. We know that having to pay 4 different transport providers is an extra time suck on your organisation, which is the last thing your accounts department needs at the end of the month. By working with one supplier you only need to lodge one new account submission and only have to pay one bill at the end of the month. That’s efficient thinking that makes a huge difference to your bottom line, particularly when it’s combined with the consistency of pricing.


Diplomat Hire Cars offer a range of services for corporate accounts, from short notice transport to ongoing agreements with corporations to manage all your transport needs. Whether it’s the Head of Sales flying into Melbourne and needing an airport transfer, or you need to take a client out for lunch in style, Diplomat Hire Cars can help you. Simply get in touch with our Administration team on and one of our team will be in touch to organise a meeting where we can show you how professional, consistent and efficient an agreement with Diplomat Hire Cars can be.